Where it Began

Recently I had the opportunity to work with an exciting new magazine, Souvenir. The magazine is a lifestyle publication that features independent artisans, and unique styles. So when they asked if they could do a feature about me I was not only thrilled but honored.

As part of the article the editors asked me a few questions that have got me thinking about my background and why I got started. I realized it is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when I started as a flower designer—it was a process. Since I was a little girl working in my parent’s garden, I have been surrounded by plants. I remember some of the weeds had the prettiest flowers and sometimes I would get confused and pull up the flowers while leaving the weeds to grow uninhabited.  Reflecting on that moment, I realize how much it influenced the wild garden style I like to create today.  

Garden Roses 

Growing up there were always flower arrangements in our home and at our table, so as I began to create my own home naturally I did the same. My children will tell you our home has always been abundant with flowers inside and out. Over time, people began to notice the way I styled my garden or entryway and would ask me to give them guidance—I guess that is where it started.

I'm glad I did that feature and it forced me to think about how I got started and where I draw my inspiration.  It has really given my time to reflect and realize how lucky I am that each day I get to wake up and do what I love.

It may sound cheesy, but my inspiration comes from the entire world around me—colors, trees, everything I see.

Everyday Tools

The location of my studio is a great example. Every day I smile, looking at this scraggly nest hanging out of an old tree in front of the church across the street. I love that nest and the angel in the window of that church. The old power lines and the wildflowers sprouting out of the dirt lot outside my studio gives me inspiration each and every day— to me this place is picturesque.

That little barefoot girl in her parent’s yard, mud squishing between her toes, pulling up flowers instead of weeds tends to peek her head out when I’m working. I am passionate about what I create, and although it sounds corny, 

I draw my inspiration from each unexpected piece of the world around me.