A different approach

Hello my lovelies! We are so excited to officially announce a NEW way of ordering flowers for your wedding--The White Fig Designs A La Carte Menu. 

After years of working in floral design in the event industry and watching how styles of weddings have evolved, we have discovered that not every bride needs a full service florist on their wedding day. Realizing that for some couples, the intimacy that accompanies having personal flowers is more than enough, we have curated a menu suitable for any bride on any budget--without compromising the way your florals can showcase your personality. 

Crafting together and implementing this menu with future brides allows us as designers to expand our creativity and give you as a couple exactly what you need on your big day. The A La Carte menu, in comparison to utilizing White Fig as a full service florist, keeps convenience and budget in mind, as we allow you to pick and choose what you need based on sizing & pricing. You can choose your style and color palette, and leave the creativity up to us! Using photos from our past weddings, we have compiled various mood boards on our Pinterest page to help you get a feel for the styles we offer, finding which ones suit you best.

For our traditional brides, we are still joyfully booking full-service weddings for the remainder of 2017 and now 2018! With a full-service package, the White Fig team will hold your hand through the intimate design process, accompanying you on your venue walk-through and working closely with you to tell your story through flowers. With this option, every element is entirely customizable and creativity is abounding.

Below you will find florals from the weddings of the brides who inspired us to create this menu, as well as various examples of the individual items we can create for you.

Our most recent A La Carte style bride was Alexa, who came to us seeking a romantic yet wild style of bouquet & hair piece for when she said "I do" to her fiance, Luke. 

To make the planning & picking process a little easier on our couples, we have separated out for you four styles that you may categorize your wedding into (but of course, there is the option to write in an original description of what you are wanting!). You can also choose to meld two styles together to create a look such as a "boho wild-child," or maybe a "wild woodland wedding!" The options are endless. We value individuality, and our goal is to make this portion of your wedding planning as seamless as possible! As a reminder, the following photos are samples of styles, not direct representations of price values. Here's a look at some styles...

S I M P L Y  R O M A N T I C


B O H E M I A N  B R I D E

W I L D F L O W E R S  F O R  T H E  F R E E  S P I R I T


A  W O O D L A N D  W E D D I N G

With various sizes, styles, vessels and elements, you can craft together the perfect assortment of flowers to fit your desires for your day. We are excited to offer arrangements of varying sizes, to accentuate everywhere from the guest book table to the bar top! Whether it's a boutonniere for your officiant or a crown for your flower girl, we are thrilled to add the White Fig touch to one of life's most exciting events. 


A Bohemian style bridal bouquet for bride Natalie


An exciting option that accompanies the A La Carte menu is the versatility of working within your budget, and allowing others who want to help make your wedding dreams come true actually play a significant part! Many brides have family members who want to help in a special way, but often times they have trouble coming up with a sweet gesture that is more personal than just giving the couple a monetary gift for a certain purchase. This style of menu can be sent out to anyone you want, and they can sign up to buy you just one or two floral pieces for your day. For example, they could choose to pay for your head table arrangement, a floral head piece for you, or perhaps a few feet of garland to accompany your welcome sign. The A La Carte menu is truly an opportunity to involve your loved ones in the planning process and include them in those significant and beautiful touches.